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Welcome to WaterLS.com website where we sell Ritchie Water Fountains in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Please note, we can only sell within our market territory of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.
Fresh water on demand, 24 hours a day! Animals, like humans, need fresh, clean water to stay healthy and sustain life.  And fresh, clean water is exactly what Ritchie watering fountains deliver. Water is only pumped when the animals want water and the Ritchie system reduces time commitment from you.  Why waste your valuable time filling and carrying buckets, scrubbing out water troughs, when you could be spending more time enjoying your animals or working on higher priority jobs.
 Ritchie's waterers keep water cooler and fresher in the summer and with proper installation prevent freezing in the winter.  Ritchie waterers ensure the availability of clean fresh water.  Don't let your animals drink from a stagnant trough.  Bottom line: Ritchie waterers provide the cleanest water for your animals, at low cost, while minimizing your time commitment to provide that clean water.  Plus Ritchie Waterers have the best warranty in the business.
Please take a look at the various fountains in the Ritchie line.  Call us with any questions.  You can order online...or you can call us for assistance.  Become a part of the Ritchie family and see the difference.  WaterLS is not just the distributor of the Ritchie line in Alabama, Florida and Georgia - we also use the Ritchie line on our farm in North Florida.

Installation videos are also available at the link to the left.

Ritchie Waters Them Right!
Customer Testimonials:
“We have used Ritchie products for 41 years. Their durability and maintenance-free design are top in the industry. We rely on the excellent knowledge and service our distributor provides. Ritchie continues to be committed to the livestock industry and our needs. “ Bill

"I chose Ritchie for the quality, craftsmanship and durable construction. The waterers can't hurt my horses and my horses can't hurt them. I have installed Ritchie fountains throughout my facility because I know I can count on them day in and day out." Clinton Anderson, Downunder Horsemanship

Ritchie is an Official sponsor of Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship